fire ants

Facts To Know About Fire Ants

Fire ants are of the most invasive ant species. As such, their aggressive nature causes a significant level of anxiety among homeowners. The good thing about fire ant infestation is that it can be brought under control provided you choose the right pesticide and pest control technique. That said, here are some interesting things to know about fire ants.

How to identify fire ants

fire antsThere are different ways of identifying these type of ants. Most people look for the mold, after which they can be almost sure that they are indeed fire ants. Every fire ant colony has a mold. As such, they prefer building them in parks, lawns and open fields. They are usually located under buildings, trees and in stumps. Their molds can grow close to 20 inches if the soils are right. Another sure indicator is the painful sting of the fire ant.

Are all fire ants the same?

There are many fire ant species around the world. Each of these species is different in their right. The red fire ant is known to be the worst all types. This species is known to be very aggressive and also reproduces rapidly, which makes it difficult to kill them. As a tip, it is imperative to know which type of fire ant before deciding on the procedure to use.

What do fire ants eat?

Fire ants prefer eating high protein foods. They also eat animal and plant matter as well. As such, you also expect to find fire ants around plants that host other insects. Fire ants harvest these pests and add it to their food basket.

Managing fire antsfire ants

There are different ways one can deal with fire ant infestation. If you live in an area that is predominately classified as a fire ant zone, you should adopt a routine maintenance program. As you do this, it ensures you use the right pesticides. Moreover, you need to keep you yard free from things or elements that could attract these pests.

Fire ant stings

Anyone that has been stung by a fire ant before can tell that fire ant bites can be very painful. The other bad thing about them is that a single fire ant can sting you a couple of times or even stick on your body. Their bites hurt and the itch can last for a couple of weeks.