Factors To Keep In Mind When Coming Up With A Business Sign Design


A good business sign can be both complex and simple to create. These days, every other business owner and designer thinks they know how a great business sign should look like. After all, one can hardly walk down the street without seeing dozens of signs, However, when it comes to designing an appropriate sign, a large number of business owners and novice designers tend to neglect these five important factors.

A minimalist approach

ideasMore often than not, business owners and sign designers are strongly tempted to use as many eye-catching techniques and details as possible. However, that usually ends up as a mistake. When coming up with your design, try to drop details like the starburst, advanced shadowing effects, motion blur, and so on. Keep in mind that if your sign looks tacky and too aggressive, the people will most likely ignore your business. If you really must use a special effect, try sticking with just one and try to implement a minimalist design.

Use complimentary colors

Instead of using “favorite colors” try using complimentary ones. Even though yellow and green can create a nice spring feel, they are pretty poor for a business sign. So are orange and red or purple and blue. Keep in mind that dark colors rarely go well with less dark ones. Also, combining colors that are next to each other on the color wheel is usually not a good idea. The best colors for a business sign include the ones that are on the opposite sides of the color spectrum, as well combinations of dark on light colors, such as black or red on a pale white background.

The details

Your business sign should contain your business name, logo and nothing else. Keep in mind that most people, who pass by your sign, will look at it for no more than a couple of seconds. That is simply not enough time to see everything on an overly complex sign. A person passing by your sign will, however, have just enough time to see your business name and logo, if you have a simplistic sign. Therefore, make sure to avoid incorporating your address, phone number, email address, or working hours into your sign. Keep it as simple as possible, so that people can read it properly as they pass by it.

The core

While you might end up being tempted to buy a cheap business sign, keep in mind that it will probably cost you more in the long run. Therefore, try not to be too cheap. For instance, a plywood sign core will be fine for a good number of uses, however, if it is placed in the open, completely unsheltered from the snow, rain, strong winds, and strong sun, and it will surely last for a shorter period than expected. If you need something that will last for a long time, go with a neon, polyvinyl, or aluminum core.

Go with the pros

lay outLast, but not least, always look for reputable business signs, company to handle the designing and the installation of your business sign. Given how New York City is brimming with all kinds of businesses and their signs, you will need expert knowledge and experience on your side. With their advanced techniques and expertise, you can be certain you will get an affordable and high-quality sign, one that will surely attract people to your business.