It comes this time you want to get a new phone because you want to get something better or because the other phone is broken. One might want to sell the old phone to add on cash to buying the new device. Phones in good working condition, original packaging will earn you good cash. A dollar or two will also be earned from old broken phones. The tips below will help you through the recycling process and earn some cash at the end of the day from your phone.

Selling old phones

Do not worry if the device is broken

photoSome vendors say a big no to old broken handsets, but do not give up. Keep traveling and networking, and at the end of the day, you will get a vendor who is willing to give out some dollars for your broken device. So never throw away your torn devices with the fear that no one will purchase it.

Shop around to get the best buyers

Do not sell your device to the first vendor you land into. Also consider other store vendors apart from the online ones. This will help you compare prices and get the one who gives the best for your device.

Know the means of payment

Before giving out your device for sell, want to know how you will receive your payment. Online vendors will offer to pay via PayPal, a cash card, or offer you a check. Retailers will offer you a cash gift card, or hand you cash if you purchased the device from their store and had a receipt as prove. Ensure the method of payment you choose is convenient for you.

Never throw away old phones

phoneIf you have devices that no one will pay for, do not throw them in the dustbin, take them to a Reseller, and they will give you another device like a charger for them. Also, consider donating the phones, it makes a difference in somebody else life.

Plan in advance

A phone’s lifespan is shorter than most electronics, some dispose of phones after a year and a half, this means you have a lot of time to plan on how to dispose of that device. Plan in time if you want to sell it to a Resellers or online stores, this will give you time to research on the best paying.